TCM 5/17/09

Just a few days after the release of their new record, yet more than five years since their last live appearance in the city, Vegas-born electronic duo The Crystal Method lit up the House of Blues last night with an energetic set spanning their entire catalog. Backed by an impressive display of lights, including a giant circular screen designed to mimic the cover art of their newest effort, "Divided By Night," and boasting an ever-expanding array of top of the line synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines, TCM's Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland rocked the very responsive crowd of enraptured partygoers for an hour and a half of classics such as "Trip Like I Do" and "Roll It Up," intercut with newer fare like the speaker-pounding "Double Down Under" and rave-culture tribute "Come Back Clean." The Crystal Method will be performing tonight at House of Blues Houston before moving on through Texas and home to Las Vegas.

You can view images of the show, as well as yours truly in some pretty ridiculous raver clothes HERE on my brand-new flickr page. Enjoy.

let us not forget


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Working on a new stencil idea, based on a very Lovecraftian dream I had that I can not fully explain.

This is the basic concept:

It's a mess, I know...but trust that I know what I'm doing here.  I got the idea from this:

...and I'm kind of rolling with it from there.

I'll be sure to let you all know how it turns out.

the currents have their say



So I've been doing this silly thing on the TorrenTech message boards where I hit shuffle on my iPod and write down the first 10-20 songs.  I find it's an interesting way to get a cross section of your music collection, even if it's only a small percentage.  Being that the THREE (3) people who read my LiveJournal are very likely not members of TorrenTech, I thought I would do the same here, more for my own amusement than any of yours. 

Now Shuffling:

Mochipet - Tinker feat. Aeroc (Bunnies and Muffins)
Sonic Youth - Total Trash (Daydream Nation)
Alec Empire vs. Merzbow - Blow This Thing (Live at CBGB's NYC 1998)
The Art Of Noise - Samba #2 (And What Have You Done With My Body, God?: Found Sounds and Field Trips)
Swayzak - So Cheap (Some Other Country)
Lords Of Acid - Mixed Emotions (Lust)
The Cool Kids - Bassment Party (The Bake Sale)
The KLF - Dream Time In Lake Jackson (Chill Out)
The Orb - U.F.Orb (U.F.Orb)
Nine Inch Nails - 35 Ghosts IV (Ghosts I-IV)
Bomb 20 - Dumb (Field Manual)
Death In Vegas - Zugaga (Satan's Circus)
Hecq - Tahoe (A Dried Youth)
The Dust Brothers - Psycho Boy Jack (Fight Club)
BT - Divinity (Ima)


Invaders Must Die!

So the new Prodigy record leaked today...and rather than put you through the grueling track-by-track rundown I normally reserve for big deals like this, I will simply offer you my post from the TxxxxxxTxxx message board, after several listens to the album in various environments, and after reading several other people's less than favorable responses.

My message board post, in its entirety:

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That Amen Kid

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I'm willing to defend this record no matter what anyone has to say...especially seeing as I spent the first 3-4 listens wanting to trash-talk it myself. For real, if you want to look at "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned" (underrated album of their career, yes) as Liam Howlett's "break from tradition" in that he put aside their mainstream-successful live band dynamic and really did whatever the hell he wanted to on the beats, then "Invaders Must Die" is very much a true "return to form." Whether the electronic elite like it or not, it incorporates into its sound the very best elements of the first four Prodigy LPs, while introducing any number of new ideas into the Prodigy portfolio. If you're a fan from ANY era of their career, and you can't find something to like on this record, you probably haven't listened to it properly.

Anyway, no matter how much anyone hates it, this record is about to put one of electronic music's most respected artists back on the map in a huge way.

-Amen Five


welcome to the scene of the crash



Transcript of a text message conversation between the Purveyor and Vice Purveyor of Taco-Induced Happiness for Happy Taco, Inc. upon the Vice-Purveyor's first viewing of a commercial for a certain fast-food chain's new "Angry Wh*pper." Names have been changed to be more offensive.

VPTIH: So how's about that Angry Wh*pper? It's almost like Burger Motherfucker is calling us out.

PTIH: I have no idea what you just said.

VPTIH: Angry Wh*pper? You didn't get the memo?

PTIH: Damn mail.

VPTIH: It's an extra spicy Wh*pper with 'angry onions' and jalapenos and
such. Apparently the onions are 'raised on hate' by some sort of
agricultural drill sergeant.

PTIH: Burger Motherfucker!

VPTIH: I know, XXXXX. I know. Don't those bastards know that Happy Taco's
the way to go? Angry Wh*pper...nuts to that action, man.

VPTIH: I suggest we launch a new product line...full media saturation...some
kind of build-your-own combo meal with kind of a 'Stop the Hate' kind
of concept.

VPTIH: Maybe start stamping smiley faces on the taco shells...I'm sure they
can do that by now. They do it on Pringles, right?

PTIH: I don't know... It's not really in our nature to be knee-jerk reactive.

VPTIH: True...but we can't just sit idly by while they promote burger-based
belligerence worldwide. Any thoughts?

PTIH: Word of caution on the taco-imprinting: I don't think I need to remind
you of the fortune taco implosion.

VPTIH: Point well made, sir. I'm posting this conversation to the blog.

so happy, you'll say "GOD DAMN THAT IS ONE HAPPY TACO."



From The Art of Noise sampler "Sources and Methods":

"once upon a time there was a group called art of noise. their sources were electronic and their methods were secret. their sources were claude debussy, john cage, kraftwerk, chick corea, giorgio moroder, dada playfulness, new york clubbing, terry riley, technology. their methods were what they were. their sources were artistic, their methods were scientific. they were breaking beats, setting up house, gliding through mental landscapes, they were masked, mechanical, and funnily enough made up. please accept some samples of their work. 'be happy or die,' they cried, and funnily enough they meant it. meanwhile, now that it's the future, the art of noise are still a group called art of noise, still interested in the history and future of ideas. 'future forward,' they cry, and funnily enough they mean it."

That particularly clever little block of text there is one of the major reasons I'm still in love with The Art of Noise to this day. I've been known to say (quite often) that about 95 percent of all good electronic music in the world comes from England, and AON are almost entirely responsible for planting the proverbial seeds that continue to make all of that wonderful music possible. Go find yourself a copy of "Daft," and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

they will never accept that a whole sentence can ever come from half a man


The Realness.

Heads up, kids.  This is knowledge.  THIS -
Real Shit.Really.For Real.I mean, seriously.
is "The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)." 

Now THIS, on the other hand -
He knows kung-fu.
is Keanu Reeves.

One of these things is a brilliant piece of sci-fi history, a classic of American cinema that to this day presents a clever allegory for the xenophobia and self-destructiveness present in our culture while giving humanity that most terrifying ultimatum, "live in peace or face obliteration."

HINT:  It's this one...
Seriously, how bad-ass is that?

The other, however, is widely believed to be computer-generated, and is most well-known for A) saying "Whoa," and B) possibly knowing kung-fu.


Now, it is my sincerest belief that these two things should be kept AS FAR APART AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, but alas, it seems my hopes and dreams will be crushed sometime next month with the release of "The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)," starring Keanu Reeves.  I don't even have a punchline for this.  Honestly, I'm just pissed off.

gort! klaatu...barada...nikto!


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During my brief service at the Lafayette, LA Applebee's (never again), the restaurant had the KDS "Kitchen Display System" computers installed, thus improving productivity, heightening tension, introducing flashing red lights and beeping, etc.  It struck me that a kitchen-crew themed gangsta rap crew called "KDS - Kitchen Death Squad" would be tight as all hell, in an incredibly geeky sort of way.  This thought has stuck with me through every job since, and has even drifted back in time to earlier jobs.  For example:

Slim Goodies be baconin'
Yeah we pancakenin'
Unless you want a Garden
You know we not fakenin'
Slim's got the funk for the mad
Y'all know y'all know
Bout the cash we be takin' in...

Or, given the number of pizza places I've worked at...

Pizza pizza
Bitches call me BIG Caesar
Emperor of Roma tomatoes
And provolone cheese-a
We tossin' dough like Hov be tossin' cheddar
Fuck a Domin-Ho's
'Cause y'all know we do it better...

Something like that.  The keys here are total gangsta excess and obscure kitchen/menu references.
Also as much profanity as seems unnecessary.
I just wanted to get that out there.

we too busy sayin' YEAH!


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No matter how many times it happens, it will always amuse me whenever somebody hands me a pineapple.

you got the goods, kid


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